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The power system mainly includes two major categories of power generation equipment and power supply equipment. The power generation equipment is mainly power station boilers, steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, generators, transformers, etc. The electric energy can be said to be applied in almost any field, corresponding to electric power. The demand for equipment is also a requirement for stable and safe work that must be uninterrupted for a long time. Box-type substation, also known as pre-installed substation or pre-installed substation. It is a kind of high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage power distribution device. It is equipped with a pre-fabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment according to a certain wiring scheme. It is about high-voltage power receiving, transformer step-down, low-voltage power distribution and other functions. Organically combined to correspond to the high temperature used for such a long time.

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