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New Energy (NE): Also known as unconventional energy. New energy generally refers to renewable energy developed on the basis of new technologies, including solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, wave energy, ocean current energy and tidal energy, and thermal cycling between the ocean surface and deep layers. In addition, there are hydrogen energy, biogas, alcohol, methanol, etc., and coal, oil, natural gas, water energy and other energy sources that have been widely used are called conventional energy sources. With the limited energy of conventional energy and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, new energy sources with environmental protection and renewable characteristics are receiving more and more attention from all countries. For new energy production equipment, such as the heating system after the sun is heated, wind power generation The motor cooling system, the cooling system of the natural gas cooling pool, the cooling system of the hydroelectric power generation, etc., are all inseparable from the key role of the heat exchanger to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

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