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New Type Complete Air Oil Cooler System

Recently,ZHCOOLER independent design and development out of a new oil cooler with pump,this oil cooler is composed of oil pump, motor, and oil cooler.It can be used for many kinds of hydraulic power station, lubrication system and gearbox cooling system.
First,this oil cooler is made of plate fin structure,this type oil cooler have advantage of light weight and compact structure,at the same time the fin and the clapboard,heat exchanger thermal conductivity is good, it will improve the heat transfer efficiency,and by the different connection ways of fin and fluid channel,it will be widely used for many kinds application.Second,connect the pump,motor and oil cooler directly,which will save the installation space,especially for occasions where there is a special limitation on space.By this connection,not only can make the system itself to form an independent, complete cycle of the process,but also to avoid the impact of the system back to oil,and Making the heat transfer more efficient and safety.
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