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Performance Characteristics Of Bar Plate Heat Exchanger

With the aluminum plate fin heat exchanger demand is growing, plate fin heat exchanger quality and performance are more and more attention, what is the characteristics of aluminum plate fin exchanger ?

Advantages of plate fin heat exchangers

1. High heat transfer efficiency.

Due to the convection of the fins, the boundary layer is constantly broken, and thus has a large heat transfer coefficient; at the same time because the partitions and fins are very thin, so that it has high thermal conductivity, and thus achieve high heat transfer efficiency.

2. Compact constructure

Plate fin heat exchanger has an extended secondary surface, so that its surface can reach 1000 ㎡ / m3. Second, plate fin heat exchanger fins are thin, are generally 0.2-0.3mm, and most of the Are aluminum fins, the weight is very light.

3. Wide application and practicality

Can be applied to gas - gas, gas - liquid, liquid - liquid between the heat exchange, can also change the channel arrangement, to adapt to the current, cross flow and multi - process conditions. But also through the series, parallel, series and parallel, etc. to meet the use of a variety of large equipment.

4. good economy.

As the plate fin heat exchanger compact structure, small size, aluminum material light weight, low manufacturing costs.

Shortcomings of bar plate heat exchanger

1. The manufacturing process is strict and the process is complicated.

2. easy to plug, easy to clean, intolerant corrosion, can only be used for heat transfer medium clean, no corrosion, easy to scale, easy to deposition, not easy to plug the occasion.
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