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The role of the temperature sensor switch is through the temperature sensor switch "on / off" role, to ensure that the fan intermittent work.

Product Parameters

The temperature switch works as follows:

In the process of oil temperature rise, when the oil temperature rises to the switch temperature value shows that the temperature switch is turned on, the fan began to rotate, the heat through the cooling air quickly away, so the oil temperature drop; in the process of falling oil temperature, When the oil temperature drops to the lower limit of the temperature switch, the temperature switch is off and the fan stops running.

Notes :

1. The temperature sensor switch screwed into the condenser, the maximum torque can not exceed 20Nm, excessive torque will damage the temperature sensor switch, resulting in root cracking, the resulting damage does not belong to the warranty.

2. In or

Technical Parameters:

Voltage : 12V/24V DC

Switching current : Max 8A

Power : Max 120W

Min switching current : >120mA

Electronic life : 25,000 cycles of switching

Working temperature : -30℃---+110℃(-34F---44F)

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